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Carl Rackman brings sophistication and elegance to a mystery fraught with danger. Irex is an amazing historical mystery thriller that had me on the edge of my seat.

Irex cover image of an ancient ship in peril with the words Irex and Carl Rackman on top.
  • Title: Irex
  • Author: Carl Rackman
  • Publisher: Rackman Books on September 26, 2016
  • Genre: Historical Mystery
  • Pages: 481
  • Available Formats: Paperback& Digital
  • Rating: 4/5

Many thanks to Carl Rackman for providing me with a complimentary digital copy of Irex with a request for an honest review. Also, thanks to Dave at The Write Reads Tours for inviting me on this tour and providing the materials to build this post.

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Irex Review

Captain Hutton clung for his life…

I’ve always loved stories set on the high seas. Irex gave me all the adventure and drama I could want from a historical thriller.

This mystery follows the fictional events of the true crashing off the Isle of Wight in the late 1800s. While learning of the events on the ship, we are also introduced to the investigation of what happened on the ship. These dueling storylines created intrigue and breathlessness in my heart as I read on.

I won’t give it away, but the identity of the passenger that caused Hutton to seemingly lose his mind was a shock of the highest proportion. I couldn’t believe it, but I loved how the tale wove in and out of the misery of the ship and the triumph of the investigation.

My only problem with the novel was the addition of so many names. The author introduced so many characters by name, yet went back and forth from their first and last names. I honestly had very little idea who any of them were, and the context only helped a little.

So, with that said, I award Irex 4 out of 5 stars. I recommend this title to anyone who loves action and adventure at sea. The hurricane scenes alone are well worth the read.

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Meet the Author: Carl Rackman

Author image of Carl Rackman sitting at a picnic table with a green lawn, picket fence, and red umbrella in the background.

Hi! I’m Carl Rackman, a British former airline pilot turned author. I spent my working life traveling the world and this has given me a keen interest in other people and cultures. I’ve drawn on my many experiences for my writing.

I write suspense thrillers with a grounded science-fiction theme. I like reading novels that feature atmospheric locales and I enjoy complex, absorbing storylines combined with rich, believable characters, so that’s the sort of fiction I write. I try to create immersive worlds for the reader to explore, and characters who are more than just vehicles for the story.

I come from a naval military background and have held a lifelong interest in military history and seafaring – all my books usually contain some of these elements!

I hope you’ll enjoy my books and leave reviews. I try to personally thank reviewers if they’ve particularly enjoyed my books. Find out more about me, my writing, and my upcoming books at rackmanbooks.com. You can usually find me on Twitter – @CarlRackman

Experience the Isle of Wight

As an avid history nerd, I always want to go back in time to see locations as they were in the stories I love so much. This time, we will visit the Isle of Wight in all her glory.

Don’t Forget

If you are following the Reading Around the World Challenge, you can use this book for Britain.

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