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John Siefring’s novel, Caleb’s Window, tells an endearing story of love, loss, and the reflection of life gone by. This saga caught me in its clutches from the first sentence.

Caleb's Window Cover Image
  • Title: Caleb’s Window
  • Author: John J. Siefring
  • Publisher: Self Published on February 21, 2018
  • Genre: Saga Fiction
  • Pages: 205
  • Available Formats: Paperback, & Digital
  • Rating: 4/5

Many thanks to John J. Siefring for providing me with a digital copy of Caleb’s Window with a request for an honest review.

Caleb’s Window Review

There was a window facing south, allowing the sun to enter…

Cara Brannan grows up in a liberal Irish household where equality and respect matter more than anything. Cara takes the lessons she learns from her loving parents to forge a path as a student nurse in Dublin. She excels as a nurse and rises through the ranks of students. One day in the surgical ward, Cara meets Aiden Whyte, and her entire world changes from that moment.

The thing I love most about Cara is her compassion. She loves her patients, but she is also compassionate toward herself. It’s rare to find this characteristic in stories, yet Siefring does it beautifully here. We learn so much about Cara, her family, and her upbringing that Aiden’s appearance could have ruined the aesthetic, but he fits right in. Everything in the story flowed so well from one scene to the next.

However, the title is a bit unclear because this is Cara’s story. Caleb is a secondary character at best. Readers learn very little of him throughout the novel, which is a real shame because what little we get of him is fascinating. Getting to know him better would have been a delight.

I award Caleb’s Window 4 out of 5 stars. I recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys a great historical shift through the ages.

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Experience Downtown Dublin, Ireland

Cara’s time in Dublin sets the stage for the rest of the story. Dublin is where she meets Aiden and starts her life on her own terms.

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Don’t Forget

If you are participating in the Read Around the World Challenge, you can use Caleb’s Window for Ireland.

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