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Book Reviews

Books are my life. Reading and helping authors brings me joy. If you want a review of your manuscript, please see my Review Policy below and if you feel we might be a good fit, contact me about how we can work together.

Editing Service

If you are an author or publisher in need of a manuscript review or proofreading, visit my editorial website at Kimberly Grow Editorial.

Review Policy

I read historical fiction, any kind of romance, young adult, political thrillers, and fantasy. I adore diverse selections. Books written by BIPOC and authors with perspectives outside the US are also well-received. LGBTQA+ titles are always welcome.

I do not read erotica, horror, or non-fiction.

I review hard copies, ePub, and audiobooks exclusively. If you don’t offer these formats, I won’t be able to give you a review. I live in the US. If mailing a hard copy is too cost-prohibitive, Kindle copies are welcome.

I gladly accept books from self-published authors. Indie authors are my jam!

I try to publish one full review per week. Generally, I am booked out several weeks or months in advance. Please keep this in mind when requesting a review.

I may or may not add your book to my editorial calendar based on whether I enjoyed it or if it is something my readers would enjoy. Mini-reviews as part of a list are also an option.

I will not review a book I didn’t enjoy. However, if there is a glaring event that I can’t abide by, such as portraying mental illness as a means to describe why a character acts villainously, I won’t be able to give you a review.