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Kaitlyn Legaspi’s Card Holders series is one of the best series I’ve ever read. As an indie author, all of Kaitlyn’s love and dedication goes into these books, and it shows.

  • Series: Card Holders
  • AuthorKaitlyn Legaspi
  • Number of Books in Series: 3 (so far)
  • Complete: No
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Publication Dates: February 2021 – Current
  • Source & Format: Paperback, Audio, and Digital
  • Rating: 5/5

Book 1 – Red Blood


Kaitlyn Legaspi delivers an exciting new world full of magic and intrigue in Red Blood. This book is just the beginning of Legaspi’s new Card Holders series. The magical world is impressive.

The Queen of Hearts domain is an excellent setting. I find it interesting to have an entire world built on the backs of playing cards. If there were one area where I would make improvements, it would be to tell more about how this world works. How did it come to be? The roads on the way to the Core are terrible and full of holes. How did they get that way? Was there a war? Tell me more.

Even with the lack of details about the domains, I still enjoyed this book. I was nervous about reading it after I saw the cover because it looks like a manga drawing. But the story is incredible. There are several plot lines to follow, but not so many that you can’t keep up. I must warn you that tissues should be close by while reading. There are a few heartwrenching parts that tore me up inside.

Book 2 – Two More Lives


Two More Lives by Kaitlyn Legaspi is the second volume of the Card Holders series. We return to Neela and the tournament determining the next ruler of the Hearts realm.

I adore Neela, but Amil stole my heart once again. Neela’s new group of friends gives her a much-needed likeability boost. Though Amil’s brother’s behavior leads to some unexpected drama.

Legaspi continues the fantastic world-building she began in Red Blood. I love getting to know more about The Core and especially all the gardens included in Two More Lives.

Book 3 – Final Loss


Kaitlyn Legaspi does it once again with her newest addition to the Card Holders series, Final Loss. Everything I sobbed over in the last book came to light, and I have never been so happy about anything in my whole life.

The Queen of Hearts Domain is gone, completely obliterated. Red still holds the cards in the villain camp, but there is more to that story than meets the eye.

Neela does Neela best, but not how I ever thought it would come to pass. A lot of our old favorites are still here, but many more are gone. So, this volume was a little bittersweet for me. However, there is one thing that no one will see coming, and it shocked me to my very core.

Wrapping Up

I honestly wasn’t sure how to feel about this series at first because I was in my late forties and the cover of Red Blood threw me off. I thought it was a manga at first, but I gave it a try and found that I was completely immersed in this series from the first chapter. These characters are rich and full of life. I adore this series, and can’t wait for the next installment to come out.

I’d also like to let you know that I’m a member of the Card Holders Street Team which means I get to read advanced copies of these books and let everyone know how awesome they are. I would never have joined had I not fallen in love with the books.

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