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Harry Potter is an international sensation. There is something to love for every generation. Almost everyone asks me for recommendations of magical books like Harry Potter, so I’ve curated this list of my most loved magical novels along with a few favorites from friends around the internet. I hope you enjoy this list.

1. Amari and the Night Brothers’

Amari and the Night Brothers Cover Image

Meet Amari. Amari mourns the death of her big brother. She can’t overcome the feeling that he still lives, but she doesn’t know how to prove it. when Amari gets a cryptic message, she enters a magical realm that could answer all her questions, or kill her.

Will Amari find the proof she needs to find her brother or will she meet peril at the end of the line?

2. Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky

Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky Cover Image

Meet Tristan. Tristan lives in a state of chronic depression after the death of his best friend in an accident. The only thing he has left of his friend is a journal full of stories. But, the book is magic and it leads Tristan on a journey into the world of folk tales and danger.

Will Tristan overcome the danger that threatens his world and find redemption?


The Alchemyst Cover Image

Meet Sophie and Josh. These two have the power to save the world and the mystery of the great alchemist Nicholas Flamel. But, the evil Dr. John Dee has other plans.

Will Sophie and Josh be able to save the world, or will Dr. Dee destroy everything worthwhile?

4. The Beast and The Bethany

The Beast and the Bethany Cover Image

Meet Bethany. Bethany is a brat of a child who lives at the local orphanage. She is terrible to everyone around her. When she tricks the interesting Ebenezer, he decides to adopt her. However, Ebenezer’s intentions aren’t honorable, he plans to feed Bethany to his pet Beast.

Will Bethany meet her bitter end or will the tables turn on the Beast?

5. Fireborn

Fireborn Cover Image

Meet Twelve. Twelve defends Ember where monsters roam freely. Twelve pledges her life to keep Ember safe. However, this quest is about more than monsters. She wants revenge for who took her family from her.

Will Twelve find peace in her fight or will the twist of fate curtail her plans?

6. The Mostly Invisible Boy

The Mostly Invisible Boy Cover Image

Meet Casey. Casey Grimes is mostly invisible. In his home and the village school, people look right through him. It is like he doesn’t exist. But, in the Sylvan Woods, everyone can see him just fine. However, the woods aren’t safe and Casey must dig deep to find the magic to save the wood.

Will Casey find success or will the Sylvan Woods be the new home to the Butcher Beasts who threaten everything Casey wants to preserve?

7. City of Ghosts

City of Ghosts Cover Image

Meet Cass. Cass almost drowns and after she wakes up she can see through the Veil. Ghosts live beyond the Veil and Cass sees them and even befriends them.

But, the danger is greater than she ever knew. Can she save herself and those around her from the tempests behind the Veil?

8. The Jumbies

The Jumbies Cover Image

Meet Corinne. Corinne doesn’t believe in the Jumbies until one night in the forest she finds a pair of yellow eyes following her. A terrible feeling takes over the next day in the market.

Will Corrine wake the ancient magic within herself to save the island from the Jumbies? Or will she be too late?

9. Fablehaven

Fablehaven Cover Image

Meet Kendra and Seth. Fablehaven is a refuge for many types of magical creatures. Kendra and Seth’s grandfather is the current caretaker of this land.

But, Fablehaven is in danger. Will Kendra and Seth be able to protect the creatures and their grandfather before it’s too late?

10. Winterling

Winterling Cover Image

Meet Fer. Fer falls through something called the Way and lands in a magical kingdom that is mysteriously linked to her missing parents.

But, all is not well in the village she left behind. Can Fer solve the mystery across the Way and help her village too?

Do you know any other middle-grade magical books like Harry Potter? Let me know in the comments what they are.

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